IT-PS, as a high-tech company, following the technology trends and know-how of its staff, has partnered with one of the largest virtualization solutions companies.

As Citrix Silver Solution Advisor has the ability to propose, design and customize the right virtualization solution for the business, taking into account its needs and affordability, based on user friendliness and user friendliness.

IT-PS has design and implementation capabilities in all three areas of virtualization, Application Virtualization, Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization.


Citrix Hypervisor

The increasing computing power of servers has led in recent years to the emergence of new ideas for exploiting it. Citrix saw that the idea of ​​deploying virtual machines at a server level was getting more and more business response, and created its own virtulization platform. Its development has been rapid, with the result that it has covered the competition gap, with many of its users arguing that the open source code it uses is the most flexible platform.

Its partnership with Microsoft and the integration of the platform management console into Windows System Center is proof that it has strengthened its market position.

Virtual machines, server farming, high availability, reliability and compatibility with all types of hardware are just some of the features of the platform.

Following the market trends, IT-PS can guide you through the world of virtual machines and implement your own virtual datacenter.


Citrix XenApp

Until a few years ago Remote Desktop was the dominant tool for remotely running applications that had special hardware requirements or for some reason needed to be centrally run. The Remote Desktop had two very serious drawbacks. The first was the slow response to WAN connections as each refresh of the screen transferred the entire image to the user. The second was reduced security on remote systems as the user was able to perform any action directly on the servers.

Citrix is ​​the largest software development company for application virtualization. It is the first company to develop and implement application virtualization technology. This technology, based on the Remote Desktop protocol, goes a step further. It executes the application that the user wants and transfers to it only the image of that application and not the entire Desktop of the remote server. This overcomes the performance and security problems that existed in the past.

During the development of the product Citrix has added a number of new features that were impossible to implement with the existing protocol.

Printing, scanning documents, automated media connectivity, multimedia display, centralized application management and upgrading, etc. it is now possible to save resources in the easiest and most practical way.

With IT-PS Certified Citrix XenApp Administrators, IT-PS has the ability to design, implement, and support your own application virtualization solution.


Citrix XenDesktop

Desktop Virtualization is a set of technologies that optimize the distribution of Desktops, applications and data to users. The operating system, applications, and data are separated from the PC and moved to the datacenter where they are easy to manage and secure. Their management is simplified as IT has to manage and update operating systems and applications only once, in one place, and then distribute them optimally to meet each user’s performance, security and mobility criteria.


Citrix XenDesktop is a desktop virtualization solution that converts Windows Desktops and user applications into a service available to any user, anywhere, from any device. With XenDesktop you can provide users with secure, separate Windows systems and applications, or a complete virtual machine, on a PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, laptop or thin client, without compromising on the quality of the User Experience.

XenDesktop is a desktop virtualization solution that includes all the tools needed to distribute desktops, applications and data to every business user. The world’s largest business firms trust the award-winning XenDesktop technology and how to approach dekstop virtualization.